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note: All these images will be rendered with the Avalon hardware in about 30-40ms at a resolution of 800x600 with 4 to 8 times oversampling (antialiasing).

click for full size  720x576
 15 seconds 252 ms
 AMD Athlon
click for full size  2500x1800
 2 minutes 29 seconds
 AMD Athlon

We have found some statistics on other web pages and thought it would be nice to know where we are compared with other's hard- and software solutions ...
But what a surprise:
Our render times seem to beat hardware solutions - even with the new unoptimized statistical C-renderer. To be fair one has to mention that these examples (only shown via an image) are without any description on how they are rendered. If - for example - antialiasing is used or global illumination the render times greatly differ ;-)

We assumed (because it was for a speed test on lowest common feature set) that all "special" effects are switched off.

Enjoy and think !
If you have questions and/or suggestions don't hesitate and get in contact with us.