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animations 01 - 05
animations 06 - 09

note: All these animations will be rendered with the Avalon hardware in about 5-40ms per frame at a resolution of 800x600 with 4 to 8 times oversampling (antialiasing). This leads to the so called "realtime" aspect. The render speed equals the playback speed [25 frames per second] and therefore the output need not to be stored instead it can be displayed directly. [Please save the animations to your local hard drive, run the RAD Video Tools (for BIK files) and load the animations seperately]

animations 01 - 05
click for full size | 9 bottles [500 frames, 800x600]BIK-File 22,9 MB
click for full size | glas cube [100 frames, 640x480] BIK-File 3.81MB
click for full size | fire ball [160 frames, 640x480] BIK-File 3.05MB
click for full size | bottle glass whiskey [160 frames, 640x480] BIK-File 9.21MB
click for full size | smoke and fireball [37 frames, 640x480] BIK-File 0.72MB

some codec downloads